Aquarius April 2017 Horoscope


Aquarius April 2017 Horoscope: Aquarius this would be an active and succesful month. You would find gains, positive progress, high amount of activity, luck but at the same time very high amount of anger resentment and a fixatedness in your way of thinking and attitude.

Your anger aggression and need to assert yourself could push you towards unnecessary fights. These fights are entirely avoidable since the period in question in operation till 19th of May but might not be able to stay away from confrontation. Try your best to avoid damaging situations since hassles created now could backfire majorly on you at a later stage.

Creative work will be rewarded well. Foreign travels business will give you good returns financial gains would be good liquidity will be good, you would find confidence level so high aggression would pay off well at work.
Career: Career would be in a phase of high stress and anger management would be required at work also. You might find work opportunities going down a bit and the previous run of business could look slow right now due to certain family and commication related issues at work.

You need to be careful it is a very sensitive and deligate time. Maintain your relationship and do not act over aggressively at  work Environment would be good you would get new ideas support from various sources.
Team and colleagues would be very supportive. There would be progress, new ideas delegation of work to juniors will give you good results.

Love and marriage: Love life would be very positive you would be the center of attraction socially.
There would be good amount of opportunity in love matters . Sex appeal would be very high . Overall and excellent time to find a new relationship . Existing relationship would do very well you would be able to communicate very effectively with partner .

Commitment and positive news in existing relatiships would go up marriage matters would be good , there would be some amount of ego in family matters connected with spouse till the 13th April 2017 but that would improve thereafter.
Spouse would be very outgoing after the 14th April 2017 and might be interested elsewhere . Keep an eagle eye.

Money and finances: Money matters would be positive , there would be growth and gains. Accumulation of money will be good . there would be a high amount of extravagance and expenses due to spouse . Some amount of waste of money could come about due to family matters also.
Income would be good throughout.
There would be increase in income due to your own creative ideas. Investments would be good too. There would be good gains all around . speculations how ever could cause concern and loses.

Student and children: Students will have a very good month. Results would be excellent and lerning ability would multiply tremendously. Exams will give you very good results too. Matters related to children will be very good. There would be happiness , progress mostly. Children would do very well and your position will rise. Your health will be under pressure.

Stress and anger could be the reason for poor health. In case you a patient of diabetes , hypertension this is a time to watchout. Family matters would be very good on one side but there could be problems due to family or spouse during this time. Overall relationship with family could be tricky so be careful.