Aquarius February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Aquarius February 2017 Horoscope) Aquarius natives would have an average month. Pressures would remain high although your luck would improve to an extent. This is a month when anxiety would rise and you need to be very careful about how you handle your people and the environment. A tendency to be aggressive and rude is present but that might not push you towards an unnecessary controversy. You need to be careful and avoid verbal conflicts at all cost.

Creative work would be very beneficial. You would find that your level of mental calibre will rise further during this month. New creative work and avenues would open up during this month. There would be a good chance of getting recognition for new ideas during this time. Plans and new creative outputs you find during this month would give you very good returns and recognition in the coming months. Socially this month would be hectic while you might find your energy and stamina lower than usual till the 14th February 2017.

Career: Career would be positive as compared to the last month. Luck would rise and there would be gains from foreign and outside sources. Travel to foreign destinationsis also possible and there could be an all-around gain and growth for things that you do at work during this month. Aggression would be high and you need to be careful about how you handle people around you. Fights and conflicts at work should be totally avoided.

Work environment would be stressful. There could be certain difficult developments after the 18th February 2017. Be careful and avoid having any conflict with co-workers. Delegation of work and team activities would be hectic for you. You would get gain due to subordinates and team members. Overall it is a good time to let your juniors carry out their rightful space and work hard to get you the gains that you deserve.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be very positive. This is an excellent time when the turbulence and uncertainty of the past will give way to a very positive period overall. Your social life would be high and sex appeal would be very high too. Very good period possible for getting a new person in your life and finding a new relationship overall.

Existing relationships will be very positive also. There would be happiness, social outings and understanding of the partner and possibility of moving towards a higher level of commitment. Marriage matters would be average. Spouse might remain disconnected mentally with you till the 14th February 2017. After that interaction would improve but there would be a tendency of spouse to try to dominate you or make you fall into a certain pattern that might lead to some amount of disputes. Avoid conflicts at all times.

Money & Finances: Money matters would be better this month for Aquarius. There would be slightly better finances and gains would rise also. This positive phase might slowdown temporarily after the 18th February 2017 when your liquidity could get spoiled and pressures on account of financial commitments would go up. You need to be careful about how you handle your finances during this month.

Income would be positive and there would be good amount of gains in financial matters. Investments would be very unsteady. Avoid new investments. Existing investments could cause worry after the 19th February 2017 as losses could accumulate in whatever you do to make financial commitments happy.

Students & Children: Students would have a very positive month for Aquarius. This is a time when you will improve your learning and the calibar of your work. Exams if taken now will give you very good results. Better to write exams and get your results before the 19th February 2017. After that the outlook might be slightly lower than usual. Children related matters would be very positive. If applicable, chances of conception or birth of a child possible this month also. This is a good time to build up rapport with your children and repair any problems that you had in the past.

Health & Family: Family life would be happy. You will find children and the existing close family would be the biggest reason for comfort and happiness. Enjoy the people around you as this is a positive time. Health could be poor till the 14th February 2017; there could be stress, worry and low energy for you. Immune system could be lower than usual also. Be careful and after the 15th February 2017 there would be improvements and happiness overall.