Aries February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Aries February 2017 Horoscope) February 2017 brings in high activity and resistance against you due to movement of Mars (your ruling planet) into your opposite sign. There would be very high level of activity in personal relationships, partnerships as well as joint areas of work. Relations with spouse could come under the scanner too and a jump up in aggression is possible.

The phase of high activity couple with lack of clarity comes to an end as soon as the month begins. This promises a happy Valentine’s ‘s day since relationship related matters would be positive for you and give way to clarity and right choices in love.

You continue to be at risk in matters related to your public image and integrity. Major decisions and steps should be deferred to the next month.

A silent buzzing would build up in your mind this month. There are possibilities of a rise in the need to assert yourself. You should ensure that you do not use the confrontation route for this objective, since some very difficult situations could build up due to this behavior next month and chances of losing a loved one in a close relationship would be present too.

Career: An active month for you. There would be a buildup in new relationships. Chances of forging a fruitful partnership present around the 25th, while you will be focused and intense in all you do. Since March onwards the timing for commencing new projects is not very suitable, you should initiate any new projects or fresh steps this month itself. February is a powerful month & you should make the most of it before the transits of Saturn & Mars (twin retrogression commence in March).

Work environment will ease out & improve after the 4th. However any issues that you keep pending now could come back to haunt you during April.

Team might not be very supportive but you would surely get gains due to work of your team & efforts made by delegation of authority.

Love & Marriage: Valentine Day looms large & your luck in relationships is good this month. You are likely to have clarity in all you do, leading to the right decisions in love matters. Valentine’s Day could become a positive trigger for you, leading to a breakthrough in love matters around the 25th February.

Existing relationships would be very positive. You will feel you are in control & very happy social outings & moments possible after the 14th. A special understanding with your partner around the 2nd could bring in happiness in your relationship too.

Marriage matters would be challenging. You have the 3 planet harsh combination in your house of marriage & spouse. This could cause fights, issues in marital matters and potentially problems to spouse’s health or injury. The entire month of February requires cautions. You should not take any rash steps in anger this month. An Astrological Remedy for this combination is suggested.

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Money & Finances: Money matters would be positive. There would be high luck & good amount of gains in money matters now. Very good gains & growth could come about the 25th. Inflows would be healthy.

Income would be good throughout. There would be gains from external sources this month.
Investments would be positive. There could be some unexpected gains about the 2nd.

Children & Students: An excellent month for students. Luck would shine in new assignments & exams. Very good news possible close to the 25th.

Children related matters would be very good. Children would do very well. There would be great amount of progress. You can expect a rise in status of a child about the 2nd February 2017.

Your Health & Family: Health would be good but you need to be careful about injuries, hyper tension & stress. Avoid anger. Family life will be very happy & fulfilling throughout.