Cancer February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Cancer February 2017 Horoscope) Cancer will have a challenging month again. There are certain disturbing trends at home. You might find a reason to get aggressive in domestic matters while possibilities of losses in real estate, domestic matters or car also possible during this time. Be careful about road related accidents during this month. Chances of getting over aggressive in relationship is present.

You need to have a calm demeanor and not let your imagination overtake your good sense or manners. This month might see a revival in issues with spouse and partners after the 18th February 2017. Overall you need to remain calm and not let things get spoiled unnecessarily between you and the people around you during the month of February 2017.

Career: Career would be aggressive, there are chances of growth due to new relationships and new connections that you make. However, pressure will be high and you might find aggression towards partners that will trigger off lots of opportunities at work.

Work environment might be difficult and distant. You will feel bit complexed and left out at work. You need to focus more on work hard and know areas of expertise well. There will be improvements next month but till that time keep on working hard. Team would give you certain unexpected gains and opportunities. There could be good opportunities till the 18th February 2017 after which joint areas of work might get negatively impacted and certain controversies could come up, avoid getting into a controversial situation in work matters this month.

Love and Marriage: Valentine Day does not bring in much promise this year. You could be in the midst of controversies and issues with people around you. Love might not be the highest thing on your priorities and even if you are trying, there could be certain negative triggers leading to problems in love life. Some positive events could come in after the 25th February 2017 and the month of April might bring you the level of success that you seek.

Exiting relationships would be challenging. There could be many opportunities of fights and controversial positions. You have to be careful and avoid the urge to pick up a fight this month. The more cautious you are, the better the chances of crossing this month successfully. Marriage matters would be better than other aspects of relationships but still aggression towards spouse would build up after the 4th February 2017. You have to be very careful and cautious about how you look at relationships during this month. Marriage matters could also take a negative turn after the 18th February 2017 as the verbal conflicts with spouse will tend to rise. It is not an easy month so be cautious and avoid controversy at all cost.

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Money and Finances: Money matters would be average, there would be some amount of inflows but slowly the finances might start looking downwards after the 14th February 2017. Commitments would be high. Liquidity might cause problems after the 18th February 2017. Overall you need to be cautious about your financial resources this month. Income would not be as per your expectations, gains would be lower than usual.
Investments also are going to be challenging now. Avoid any form of speculation. Do not invest in real estate at all during this month.

Students and Children: Children related matters could be aggressive. There could be fights with spouse also due to children during this month. Aggression could be high so be careful and keep a positive flow in your relationships with offspring’s during the month of February 2017. Students might find this month challenging, there would be lot of distractions towards education, not a positive month for education and studies.

Exams after the 14th February 2017 could be challenging so if you have an opportunity you should try to have your exams in the first half of the month.

Health and Family: Health will be lower than usual in the second half of the month. There could be certain amount of challenges due to a high amount of stress and fights at home. Try to reduce the stress level and tension in your life. Avoid anger as much as possible. Family life will be average till the 14th February 2017 or after that. Try to be nice with people around you as your own family could help you cross this somewhat difficult month.