Capricorn February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Capricorn February 2017 Horoscope) This would be a positive month for you Capricorn. There would be lot of activity, gains and growth in career throughout the month. New opportunities would open up. There would be an all round growth and you will remain action oriented, dynamic and very very positive throughout. Some amount of aggression could build up and that could be detrimental to progress and getting hold of opportunities. As long as you can remain balanced and not lose your cool there could be some very positive developments at work this month.

Lot of new areas in life will continue to open up. There would be an expansion in area of activities whether personal or professional, finances will also be very supportive, your power of expression will be positive. Ego could be operative and that could also be a deterrent and cause issues for you in the long run. Avoid ego in speech after the 14th February 2017.

Career: Career will be very active. There would be multiple opportunities for growth since the 3 Planet Combination of Mars, Saturn and Rahu will be in your house of work and profession. This will make you aggressive, dynamic and you might be unreasonable at times too. Be considerate towards your juniors as you might become extra harsh during this time. But the level of opportunities and new areas of growth will be very high. You should make the most of this time and work very hard to achieve your goals.

Work environment would be very positive. There would be very high level of activity and lots of gains and growth. You need to remain focused and work very hard. Do not be harsh as this is a golden time to encash opportunities. Team and colleagues will be very supportive. There could be some competition with juniors at times. Be cautious about how much delegation of work you plan to do. All work that you do yourself and all activities that you conclude yourself would have very good returns.

Love and Marriage: Love matters will be average, the turbulence and uncertainty of the last month will give way to a more placid and low profile love environment. Valentine’s Day might not be very exciting but you will get some very good new activities coming up after the 25th February 2017. The next month is excellent for love matters, new relationship or opportunities that come up after the 25th February 2017 should be very positive for you.

Existing relationships would be somewhat slow after a very hectic time. Activity level would be lower than usual but bonding will improve and you will eventually find a more stable and happy period throughout the month. Marriage matters would be positive. There would be happiness with family as comfort and compatibility would be high. These trends could change after the 19th February 2017 as worry and stress could come back due to the tendency of spouse trying to get an upper hand. Avoid aggression and too much issues with people around you.

Money & Finances: Money matters will be on a high, you will find that your financial position would be nearly the strongest in the last couple of years during this month. Very good gains and returns possible. Luck would also shine in matters related to money. Some pressures on liquidity could build up after the 8th February 2017. Be careful about your financial plans and how you wish to move ahead.

Income would be very high and positive throughout the month. Investments might not be very positive. You should hold on to the investments because the time for better and more gainful returns will come in somewhere in April 2017. New investments could be avoided at this stage.

Students & Children: Students have an average month for Capricorn. You might be low on activity and confidence at times. Exams would be very good if taken before the 18th February 2017. After that the results would be average. Children related matters would be good. Although you might feel a certain amount of disconnect with children, possibilities of anger towards children present after the 4th February 2017. Avoid controversy of any sort.

Health & Family: Family life would be positive. There would be happy and positive trends throughout. Some verbal conflicts after the 8th February 2017 could create some hassles for you towards the end of the month. Health would be positive. You would have a happy and eventful month. Injuries possible so be careful.