Gemini February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Gemini February 2017 Horoscope) Gemini is going to find this month challenging. Nearly all levels of support and positive ground might get lost during the month of February 2017. Thinking might become aggressive while at the same time you might feel slightly pessimistic about life in general. Broadly speaking worry and fear of the unknown could rule your decisions and personality also could be disturbed due to this account. Your temperament and responses could be uncertain after the 8th February 2017, therefore you should not take any major decisions as such in life during this month.

New projects and working on new financial commitments will give you some amount of clarity now. However, there will not be much success during this month, you will have to wait for the month of March 2017 for better progress. Creativity could be down and new ideas could be distorted so it is better to follow the active path and not try to get into new areas of work.

Career: Career will be active but real results might not come about easily this month. There would be very high amount of focus on your activities. You should continue doing whatever you are doing but should not try to get into new areas during this month. You should wait till March 2017 before taking any major decisions at work.

Work environment would be somewhat disturbing, you might find the circumstances and situations around you not very clear and distorted at times. Issues with superiors, issues with events happening around you might cause you to be angry and take some unhealthy decisions. Avoid being rash decision relating to work. Team would be helpful after the 14th February 2017. Before that delegation might not give you very good results. You should keep on working hard and ensure that all activities relating to work should be directly or indirectly connected with you and your final approval should not be dispensed with.

Love and Marriage: Valentine Day might not bring in any new beginnings or fresh happiness for you. Relationships are not really bouyant and there are likely to be some issues and negative thinking prevalent which might keep you away from true love. You have to wait till the next month for any real progress in love matters. Any attempts to find success around Valentine’s might turn out to be negative so you should be cautious and let things be normal at this time.

Exiting relationships could be challenging. There would be a rise in negativity and aggression towards partner. Chances of a showdown and a temporary split could not be ruled out. You have to control your temper, be positive and not let anger rule your relationship. This is the only way you will be able to cross this month successfully.

Marriage matters are better, spouse would have a control over what you do. You need to be careful about not losing your temper, excessive aggression might be negative for you, as long as you can be careful even marriage matters will be better than expected during this month.

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Money and Finances: Money matters would be disturbing as the month begins. There could be worry that will build up after the 8th February 2017 but improvements in finances and a sudden windfall is possible after the 18th February 2017. The 3 Planet Combination of harsh aggressive planets in the house of investments is not very positive and you should be very careful about any major investments that you are planning. Any sort of speculation or commitment to finances should be totally avoided during this month. Income would be better than before but still that would not be as per your expectations.

Students and Children: Children might not have a positive month. It is a difficult combination since the negative 3 planet combination in the house of children could take away a lot of progress or happiness in this area. Health of children and position might suffer. This is a time when you need to be careful throughout the month. Students also will have a very challenging month. There could be some reversals in position and loss of status in your environment. Exams might cause a lot of worry and stress till the 18th February 2017. Overall it’s a time to keep your head down and work hard throughout the month.

Health and Family: Health will be slightly disturbed due to high amount of stress and worry at times. Stomach related ailments possible while stress could also be the reason for slight downfall in health, you need to be cautious and sure that you reduce stress, be careful about what you eat and if possible practice yoga for better results during this month.

Family life will be a cause of concern till the 18th February 2017 as there could be some communication gap which might get negative for you. Overall a better time in family life will come in after the 18th February 2017.