Leo February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Leo February 2017 Horoscope) February 2017 would be another amazing month for you. Nearly all planets are in favor and you would be at your dynamic and hard working best. This month will see the strong & aggressive 3 Planet Combination in your house of valour, growth & new opportunities. You will push ahead with new plans and open up new avenues at work. Relations with siblings could get derailed a bit, so caution is required.

A very good month for socializing and having a nice time with friends. You will find possibilities of an exciting romance and new relationship possible this month. The placement of planets could make you a bit reckless & over aggressive. You should avoid going over board in new plans or investments since the decisions & steps taken now could backfire in financial terms in March / April.

Career: New creative ideas coupled with very dynamic attitude at work will bring in tremendous progress. There would be high level of growth & unprecedented gain of ground at work. An excellent month when all plans can be fulfilled. The very strong 3 Planet Combination will take you on a temporary high for this year. You should make the most of this combination. Work environment will be very hectic, with a lot of opportunities but with stress too. A period of hard work.

Team will be helpful. You need to control your team with an iron hand. Keep your focus high on achieving deadlines. Subordinates will bring very good progress & come up with some very nice ideas too. Delegation of work would be rewarded too.

Love & Marriage: An amazing time in love matters. After a lot of buzzing and thinking, you could get into an exciting phase for a new romance. There could be a new relationship due to your loveable nature & high sex appeal.
Existing relationships would be very positive too. A brilliant time socially. There would be lovely times and opportunity to be out often. Bonding & commitment could rise.

Marriages will be in an aggressive phase. There will be happy & socially exciting events. Spouse however could remain disconnected & feel inspired elsewhere. You need to avoid conflict & improve bonding.

Money & Finances: After an expensive month, following a spending spree, you would have a positive month in money maters. There could be some worries connected with liquidity & flow. However improvements would come in finances post the 19th. Income will be very good throughout. Investments will also give great results. Avoid speculation or risky investments or they would come back to haunt you in April.

Students & Children: Students would have an excellent month. You will excel in nearly everything. Great results possible in exams. Very good time for children this month. Chances of a celebration in the family possible too. You could spend some wonderful moments with children.

Health & Family: Health will be good throughout. You will be in control. Family life will improve vastly after the 4th. There could be reasons for a celebration with family.