Libra February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Libra February 2017 Horoscope) This month will turn out to be an aggressive month for you. You would be under the effects of 3 Planet Combination directly occurring in your first house. It’s going to lead to harshness in temperament, anger, aggression and thinking and attitude which is fixed for your own good or to help people around you. You will find that you are likely to be stressed, worried and hassled on account of paper work or minor irritants during the first half of the month. Some improvements will come after the 19th February 2017. There could be new ideas and some new projects that could open up around the 25th February 2017 that could give you excellent returns.

However, you have to remain disciplined, be positive and avoid conflict at all times during this month for best results. You would be very social, very outgoing and even travel would happen often to keep you pretty occupied throughout the month. Luck would be high and there should be substantial gains from various sources to keep you positive and in the positive flow throughout the month.

Career: Career would be active, there would be high activity but at the same time level of stress and worry would be high too. Creative work might turn out to be challenging and you might feel distressed at times. Decision making at work might be deficient after the 8th February 2017 and so major decisions should be avoided. Some respite and improvement in your state of mind will come after the 19th February 2017.

Work environment will be positive. You will feel the support and positive vibes from people around you. Office and people around you will act as a soothing factor overall this month. Your team and subordinates will also be very positive. You will do well to delegate matters and avoid taking up everything yourself. Positive activities will prevail throughout the month in career matters.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be very positive. You will be experiencing a high amount of sex appeal and that should ensure enough people get attracted to you throughout the month. Socially it’s going to be a hectic month. There would be high activity, lots of invitations to parties, possibility of a new love is present this month.

Existing relationships might be challenging. You might find partner very imposing upon you. Avoid getting into any form of conflict or taking any major decisions. Do not try to sort out issues, it would be better to be passive and let this month paas.

Marriage matters will be aggressive too. Spouse might want to control or overtake you. You should remain flexible and avoid confrontation at all times. Improvements will come in domestic matters in the second half of the month.

Money & Finances: Money matters will be positive. It would definitely be better than the last month as your expenses and overheads will come under control. The period of losses during January 2017 will give way to an improvement overall in finances. You need to be careful however since some losses and waste of money could come back during March and April 2017.

Income will be good throughout. Investments of any sort should be avoided. It is a good time to cash in on the old investments if you get the opportunity. Speculation of any sort is not advised.

Students & Children: Students have a challenging month. There would be struggle and pressures all around you. Exams also could be very demanding. Better results are possible next month. This month might be difficult. Children related matters are not easy. Health of children could be difficult. Some form of confrontation and differences with children are possible this month. Avoid controversy at all cost.

Health & Family: Family life could be aggressive, there are chances of conflict within family. You need to be more flexible and avoid getting judgmental against close people around you. Better period possible next month. Health would be positive mostly. You need to be careful about Hypertension and Diabetes. Injuries are also possible so you need to be extra cautious. Overall the month is challenging as a few planets like Mars, Saturn and Rahu are not in your favor.