Pisces April 2017 Horoscope

pisces april 2017 horoscope

Pisces April 2017 Horoscope: Pisces you would find hurdles and pressures in life this month also. There would be increase in pressure due to some new developments in the last two months that would be difficult for you to handle.

Ego would be high. While over imagination and deep thinking could also trigger off pressures at home. Spouse could turn very aggressive and pickup fights to your surprise and disappointment.

Frequent issues with partner also possible. Avoid any major show down as that could have a major detrimental effect on your professional and personal matters. Desire would be high and you might want to indulge yourself by purchasing things beyond your means also. It would be a good idea to keep a control over your thought and wishes and desires for most part of the month.

Career: Career would be positive. There would be growth and a stable pattern of expansion at work will continue this month. Knowing more people and interaction with new people would give you good returns. Work environment would be positive as long as you can keep ego at bay. Ego and self boosting in speech after the 14th April 2017 could spoil relations with coleges. Team and juniors might not be very helpful as delegation of work might not give you desired results.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be active but would not give very good results you would desire and wish for a lot but returns and final development for new relationship might not happen till the 28th April 2017 at least be careful, do not be desperate or make any false moves which could undermine your reputation.

Existing relationship would be positive but you might over imagine things so try not to be judgmental towards partner. Marriage matters would be diffculat as mentioned above. Spouse might want to dominate you and be aggressive throughout, not good overall for health of love life.

Money and Finances: money matters would be positive or all though you will find your expenses and liability could rise. Spouse could also be wasteful this month . not a very encourage month but still not difficult as such. Income might not be as much as your expectation.

Investment would be average also, avoid any form of speculation.

Students and Children: Students would have a average month. You would be active in studies worried at times and might not achieve as much as the amount of work that you are putting in. as long as you are able to keep on working hard, good effects and results would come above. Exams might not be as per your expectation. Children related matters would be average. Avoid any form of conflict or interference unnecessarily.

Your health could be poor. Aggression could take its toll on your head. You should avoid fights as much as possible. Blood related disorders and stress related issues could flair up during this time. Family life would be difficult also. There would be some amount of issues related to family as well as spouse. It would be beneficial to avoid any form of controversy.