Pisces February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Pisces February 2017 Horoscope) This month again seems to be a challenging month for Pisces. The 3 Planet Combination would occur in your house of hurdles and health issues. Presence of Mars, Saturn and Rahu in your 8th house would increase pressures and problems for you. Chances of injuries are also possible and you need to be cautious on this account. There would be some amount of improvements in creative activities and this will bring in some positive results for you.

Worry could remain on account of financial matters but some new developments and revival of certain old resources would bring in relief after the 19th February 2017. Support of people in authority and government sources will be good for you till the first half of the month.

Career: Career could see hurdles as blockages could come in from various sources. You might find health as well as competition holding up progress at work for you this month. It would be useful to avoid controversy, keep a steady mind at work and not be over ambitious in matters relating to work.

Work environment would be positive. There would be happiness and gains till the 14th February 2017. After the 14th February 2017, you might find competition higher at work and some secret enemies might be in operation. Be careful but remain diplomatic. Your team and subordinates might not be very helpful. There could be blockages due to your own competitive thoughts and actions against you. Avoid delegation of work, wait till you complete this month, next month would be better for team efforts.

Love and Marriage: Love matters would largely remain unsatisfactory, blockages in love due to career pressures and ego hassles could spoil chances of a decent love life this month. Valentine Day might not be as interesting as your expectations but you could expect some positive results after the 25th February 2017.

Existing relationships will be unsteady. You might be at the loggerheads and will have differences of opinion. Pressures in the way you think will rise after the 8th February 2017. Some sudden positive developments could improve your mindset towards partner after 19th February 2017 and thereafter a very busy social phase could reduce your problems and may take it towards a happy phase till the end of the month.

Marriage matters might be unsteady too. Spouse might feel disconnected, physically as well as mentally. There would be problems till the 19th February 2017. Health of spouse could also be very difficult. Some improvements in marriage matters could come after the 19th February 2017 as good opportunities for socializing & travel will make you and spouse happy.

Money & Finances: Money matters would be somewhat tough for you Pisces. Expenses will be high and financial commitments could create unnecessary hassles for you. Avoid making major commitments this month. Income would be lower than your expectations but still better than the last month. There would be some supporting and phase saving situations that will improve your income overall.

Investments could bring in losses and any new investment should be avoided. Speculation of any sort is not advised, be very careful.

Students & Children: Pisces Students are likely to have a difficult month till the 19th February 2017. There could be distractions and difficulties in how you encounter things. Improvements will come in after the 19th February 2017 and very good results in exams also could be present after you cross the 19th February 2017. Matters related to children might not be very positive, health of children might be negative. Avoid controversy or conflict, improvements could be felt after the 18th February 2017.

Health & Family: Family life is going to be difficult, there would be aggression and lack of happiness. Some fights could backfire on you so be as careful as possible. Health would be average. You might find a dip in stamina and energy after the 14th February 2017. Avoid any major travel or high activity during this month.