Sagittarius February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Sagittarius February 2017 Horoscope) February 2017 will be a positive month for you again Sagittarius. This month, the very strong & aggressive 3 Planet Combination occurs in your 11th house. The 11th house is the best house for these 3 planets to be in. Considering this, the 3 Planet Combination occurs in the best possible house & timing for you.

You could find finances on a high, as well as see a surge in activity with friends. A good month to re establish relationships & friendships. The activity in marriage matters as well as forging new relationships would remain high throughout too. It is an eventful month for such matters.

New investments in business should be avoided. You should rather focus to optimize your returns on all that is existing & running at this stage. Further you are likely to be on a short fuse this month. That could lead to speaking or writing things that are not entirely correct. You should be very careful between the 8th February 2017 & the 19th February 2017, since chances of upsetting people around you is the maximum during this period.

Career: work would be average. You could experience a slowdown & some sorts of upsets at work this month. You could find the going challenging on account of verbal conflict & lack of ability to get along with clients and colleagues. There would be a major improvement for you after the 19th February 2017, as growth & gains at work would return.

Work environment would be very positive. After a confusing & challenging January, you will find work peaceful. Some pressures on account of internal competition would however exist.

Team will be very supportive & will give you good returns too. Your own behavior might however be unsteady & you could end up saying things not very positive. Avoid wrong utterances to keep the team spirit up.

Love & Marriage: Love life would be very positive this month for Sagittarius. After a turbulent last month, you will find stability & happiness in love matters. Romance would be high & so would be your sex appeal. Great chances of getting success in a new relationship.

Existing relationships would be exciting , very hectic socially but at the same time quite unsteady. Aggression towards partner could be high. Avoid confrontation.

Marriage matters would be tough. You might get into frequent verbal spats with spouse. Avoid unreasonable behavior till the 19th. Thereafter very good period for marriage matters. Spouse will do well financially.

Money & Finances: Money matters would be quite positive. There would be tremendous gains & your financial returns would rise too. Inflows due to work, spouse & partners would rise from the 19th February 2017.

Income will be exceptional. There could be gains from multiple sources. Investments would give you exceptional gains too. Good month to make new investments.

Students & Children: Students have an exceptional month. You will do well, all around. There would be many opportunities to grow as a student. Exams will give very good results too.

Children related matters would be positive. There would be some pressure on health of children. Avoid aggression in relations with children.

Family & Health: Family life will be very happy. You will receive support & adulation. Some amount of aggression possible in family matters. Be cautious. Health will be good mostly. You need to be careful about excessive anger thoughout this month.