Scorpio February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Scorpio February 2017 Horoscope) Scorpio could find this month challenging, your finances have been under pressure for some time and this month could add to the pressures. After the 4th February 2017, 3 Planet Combination is operative in your house of expenses and losses. This could raise your expenses and there would be possibilities of blockage of funds and loss of money also. You have to be very careful in how you deal with your money during this month. Any form of risk should be avoided.

Further there are chances of being involved in some sort of legal hassles. Ensure that you remain on the right side of law. You should not get aggressive or lose your temper and break the law under any circumstances. This month could see some amount of losses and expenses due to real estate and your conveyances, car etc. also. There would be gains from partner but at the same time finances could come under pressure. Since luck is not that strong, there could be missed opportunities also if you are not attentive and lose your temper unnecessarily. There would be gains due to your own efforts, however be careful of what you write and speak since that could backfire on you majorly after the 19th February 2017.

Career: Career would remain active till the 14th February 2017 as there would be expansion, new areas of work would open up. After the 14th February 2017 although there would be a slowdown but still you will be able to increase your contact base and find new people to work with so overall it’s a nice month for work related matters. Work environment would be difficult, boss as well as people close to you might remain very aggressive, you will have to face problems from people who are secretly your enemies. Secret competition could also be present. Avoid work related politics as that could have negative impact upon you.

Team and subordinates will not be positive. You could lose by delegating too much work. Try to keep activities all within your own hand and work as close to your own self as possible. Avoid dependence on others.

Love and Marriage: Love matters will be positive, there would be a positive atmosphere, a tendency to move towards a steady and docile relationship. Valentine’s Day might not be very exciting or positive but could lead to better things next month. Sex appeal and opportunities will rise during March 2017. There could be some new love related developments around the 25th February 2017.

Existing relationships would be difficult as the time to spend with partner and tendency to bond would be lower than usual. Challenges would be present, even partner might not be very conducive to having a positive rapport at this stage. Avoid controversy at all times.

Marriage matters would be positive. You would remain family oriented along with spouse. There would be a much better relationship and rapport as compared to the last month. Overall this is a positive month.

Money & Finances: Money matters would be challenging. As already mentioned, 3 Planet Combination in your house of expenses and losses, there would be high amount of outflows; possibilities of high overheads would be present. If you are not cautious there could be losses also. Avoid blocking funds with people not known to you. Overall a period of extreme caution is required in finances. Income would be positive this month; there would be good flows till the 19th February 2017 after which some hurdles could come about.

Investments should be avoided, new investments should be totally avoided. Any form of speculation is not advised right now. You could gain well from spouse and partners during this month.

Students & Children: Students have a challenging month. There would be difficulty in focusing and concentrating on education. Exams might be a bit challenging. If you have your exams after 7th March 2017, then there would be better opportunity for you. There would be a pull towards negative areas of life and distractions would be high. You have to work hard and focus on your education. Children related matters are not easy too. There would be problems connected with health of children. Conflict and controversy with children is also possible. Bonding and distances are possible so be careful and avoid saying things you do not really mean.

Health & Family: Health would be a bit challenging as there would be multiple influences on you. Stress levels would be high and there could be worries due to Hypertension and some possibility of injury is also present. Be careful and avoid stress. Family life would be average but there would be challenges throughout due to your own difficulties in communication.