Taurus February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Taurus February 2017 Horoscope) This month is going to be an excellent month in terms of results and progress. Nearly all the things that were done in the last two years should come to a frutification stage now. You have been undergoing some deep thinking, internal dispute or resolution process for the last one and a half months. As soon as this month begins, you would find that the internal conflict will give way to clarity. Off course the clarity will not result in good conclusions or very positive conclusions all the time, however you would be clear in your mind on how you need to go forward.

There would be substantial gains, progress and a certain amount of dynamism that you have not seen for quite some time. The only thing of concern is your health. You need to be very cautious about health issues since that is the only aspect of life which could derail your progress and various positive events that are likely to happen. This is a period of very high financial progress, family life will work towards resolution, there would be choices which you will probably make correctly and lead to better clarity in your life with less complications compared to the past.

If you are in any form of legal litigation, conflict or dispute resolution profession then this month will also be a month of opportunities and great beginnings for you. Be action oriented, decisive and give it your best since all the new projects and events that take place in February 2017 will be the platform for progress in the times to come. Next month might be too late to start new activities so you should push yourself and get new things started as soon as possible.

Career: Career would be very active, there would be a multitude of opportunities for you. Dynamism, hard work, aggression will give you substantial progress. Since the 3 Planet Combinations of harsh planets is in your house of profession, you will find progress and very good amount of growth because of hard and clear decisions. There is no scope for diplomacy or middle of the road policies. Dynamic hard work is the only way for best progress during this month.

Work environment would be very turbulent, extremely busy and you might find confrontation with superiors as well as juniors, you need to keep up very tough stands and handle everybody strictly for best results. Team will be very positive; there would be great amount of progress due to work of juniors and subordinates. Delegation of work will give you extremely good results. This is an excellent month for work.

Love and Marriage: Valentine Day is round the corner and you might be looking forward to some positive triggers in your love life. While the confusion and problems of the past will become better, still you will not find enough luck to pull you out of lack of clarity and positive news on the love front by the Valentine’s Day. Be positive & nice and the current relationship or the person that you are in touch with will see a breakthrough around the 25th February 2017 leading to extremely good results during the month of March 2017.

Existing relationships will be quite positive although there could be some disturbing and confusing trends after the 8th February 2017. You would find that the extreme level of comfort might be slightly lower than before after the 18th February 2017 as some sort of unknown silent and fear could come about in relationships. Marriage matters might not be very good since you will be very busy in other aspects of your life. Distances and separative tendencies are possible. There could be minor fights also. It would be good to focus on work, try not to take any specific steps in marital matters and if you manage that you should be able to cross this month fairly successfully.

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Money and Finances: Money matters will be extremely positive, there would be growth, luck, improvement in financial position. Savings will rise, there would be gains from various sources. Some amount of fluctuations in finances will begin after the 8th February 2017 and a slight slowdown could come in after the 18th February 2017 but overall the month is going to be very good. Income will be very good throughout. There would be turbulence but there would be positive spikes too.

Investments will give you very good returns. There are chances that you might make a new investment after the 18th February 2017. Look forward to a good opportunity and keep your eyes open.

Students and Children: Children will also have a very good month. There would be a rise in position of children during this time. Temperament and behavior of children might be disappointing after the 8th February 2017 and you might feel a bit disappointed due to some other external factors after the 18th February 2017. Despite these developments, issues relating to children will be happy.

Students will have an excellent month. There would be very good results in exams or any other activities that are planned, rise in your position and getting some sort of recognition is also possible till the 18th February 2017. Overall this is a good time to make a loss count if any.

Health and Family: Your health is something that needs care and caution. You might be travelling throughout uncharted territories. Be careful, keep a lookout for any new developments or symptoms. As long as you can keep your health fine, you will get very good amount of progress in life. Family matters will be extremely positive for you.