Virgo February 2017 Monthly Horoscope


(Virgo February 2017 Horoscope) This month is an average month for Virgo. There would be an increase in pressure on your sub-conscious, a certain level of aggression and being disturbed sub consciously will be present which might lead to worry, aggression and some distorted decision making. However at the same time you will find yourself very active at work, opportunities will increase. There would be a rapid increase in the scope of your work, your social position as well as financial position will rise. Overall this will lead to good amount of progress but with its share of resistance and hurdles.

Your temperament will be balanced as the month begins but there could be some distortions in thinking after the 8th February 2017. Some sudden developments around the 19th February 2017 could increase the level of worry and stress in your life. You have to have a focus outlook, work positively and not get unnecessarily perturbed by developments around you. You should also be very careful about how you speak this month since aggressive speech could spoil matters to a certain extent.

Career: Career would be very active, there would be an increase in new opportunities and new areas of work would open up. Expansion would be very rapid in your scope of work but returns might not good as yet. It’s a period of hard work and a lot of effort throughout. Some turbulence is possible in your work environment after the 8th February 2017 so you should avoid any form of controversy or verbal conflict. Some issues within work environment could spoil matters after the 19th February 2017.

Do not get biased and do not make comments without being cautious and careful. Team might make you angry and make you short tempered. Avoid entrusting any team member with a high amount of financial responsibility. Do not get into a verbal conflict also with subordinates as you could lose a crucial team member during this time. Overall you should be careful and avoid conflict as much as possible in your work environment.

Love and Marriage: Love matters are going to be positive this month. You might move towards some amount of commitment. In case you are not in a steady relationship there could be a certain amount of obsession in trying to find a partner during this month. You should avoid being desperate and do not push matters unnecessarily for love. Valentine’s Day would be a positive event and this is a positive month for you.

Existing relationships will find this month tough. Aggression will rise, you might feel disturbed and disillusioned towards partner. Verbal as well as mental conflict will continue. You need to be very careful and avoid being impulsive in relationships. Cross this month cautiously. Marriage matters will be positive, position and gains also will rise. Temperament of spouse might not be very stable but overall it is a positive time for marriage matters. You need to be careful about how you speak and communicate with partner and spouse during this month.

Money & Finances: The 3 Planet Combination occurs in your house of finances. It is going to be a very eventful month for finances. Expenses and chances of losses will be high but at the same time you could get opportunity of opening up a new source of income. You will tend to spend a lot of money but at the same time the money could give you some positive outlets too. As long as you avoid speculation and wasteful expenses, it is going to be a good month.

Income will be average but enough to cover your expenses. Investments are not a good idea. Avoid new investments or any form of speculation. Existing investments could give you good returns.

Students & Children: Students will have a challenging month. There would be aggression in mind and the possibility of learning well and opening up new avenues in studies might be poor. Not an easy month for exams also. However next month could be very good for exam results. Children related matters are not easy, health of children might be difficult, relations and communication with children could be poor also. Avoid conflict.

Health & Family: Health will be positive mostly although wrong eating; too much stress and deep thinking might spoil the outlook to some extent. Family life is not going to be easy, there could be multiple conflicts and problems due to your harsh speech at times. Avoid conflicts in family matters at all times.